What is Proline about?

Our story:

Proline is a proudly South African brand established in 1994, providing Innovative Tech to our unique African market. Our range of Desktops, Notebooks & All-in-One (AIO) are locally manufactured utilising our in house assembly lines across South Africa. All our Proline products designed with a wealth of international IT knowledge and experience accumulated over many years in the IT Industry. Proline offers a spectrum of solutions to all sectors such as home users, small businesses, corporate, educational and government amongst others.

Our vision:

Proline’s vision is to be in the lives of all South Africans, providing Innovative Tech products and solutions for all. As a market-leading local tech brand, we offer technology of international standards and make it accessible for the local market. Whether in your personal capacity, at work, in the office, on the road or in your factory or field we believe that for every need there is a suitable Proline solution.

Our technology:

Proline is a certified Microsoft OEM Partner and supply our desktops, notebooks, All-in-One units and convertible tablets with the latest version of Windows operating system as well as the latest generation of Intel processors.  Our product range also includes All-in-One customizable computers, UPS units, a range of business monitors and a variety of desktops in multiple form factors suited for multiple solutions and environments. Our latest range of Android Tablets and Smartphones are Google Certified ensuring great quality devices and no Play store issues. All Proline Computers are Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) certified, tested and approved in our Proline Research and Development lab.